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OnceWas embodies all that is luxe, chic and sophisticated. Seeking to provide a versatile edit of refined yet functional wares, OnceWas is an everyday luxury, one that is on-trend, timeless and innovative. Originally founded in 2006 as the seamless label SpencerLacy, OnceWas is a Melbourne based womenswear brand designed by Belinda Glynn, whose vision for the brand was to design for the everyday woman seeking effortless and stylish pieces with transitional wearability and versatility.


In a move that reflects the evolving style and ethos of SpencerLacy, the popular Melbourne label emerged under its new name OnceWas with an AW15 campaign featuring blogger and model Zanita Whittington.


OnceWas produces its garments with integrity, quality and innovation.


Creating wearable elegance is at the forefront of our collections, ensuring our wares push the boundaries of the modern aesthetic whilst maintaining classic shapes for the everyday woman.


Underpinned by our signature aesthetic, our collections feature exclusive digitally printed silks, luxurious lamb’s leather and wool blends, continuing the quality and wearability our loyal customers have come to expect.


OnceWas has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most coveted boutique labels by influencers around the world and today can be found in selected Australian and International boutiques. OnceWas continues to grow and expand globally each day.


Send us an email for more information.